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Zak Bagans Birth Chart, Zak Bagans Horoscope, Zak Bagans Astrology, Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures,  Can Zak Bagans see ghosts? Zak Bagans 2018 predictions coming soon. Stories of haunting’s, ghosts, shadows and visions have intrigued and mystified people for centuries.

Whether it is a story of a spooky cabin in the woods, the haunted Moors on the edge of the Scottish castle, or things that go bump in the night, I have been fascinated with the unexplained and the Paranormal since I was a small child. I am Sensitive meaning I sort of have Spirit Radar and have been this way my entire life.

Back in 2008, while surfing the television channels at 2 AM in the morning, I stumbled upon the show Ghost Adventures. At first I wasn’t sure what to make of this brash man Zak Bagans and his aggressive ghost hunting methods but I kept watching. There can be unfortunate consequences for these kind of actions which Zak Bagans found out firsthand very shortly into the first season of Ghost Adventures. By the end of season one that could turn down his foolhardy provocation tactics and I was absolutely hooked.

What I found most intriguing about the show is the phenomenon they claim to experience is exactly what I have sensed my entire life. Anyone else reading this with the shining so to speak, knows this to be true. I have had many unusual events in my life that can only be described as supernatural. As bizarre as some of these events are, I cannot deny an existence beyond our present state. I realize that it will be very hard for some of you to wrap your head around the idea that spirits and angels exist, but they really do.

The show also intrigued me because the guys are not actors yet they seem genuinely scared at times. A couple of years ago, there were rumors on the Internet about Zak and the boys on Ghost Adventures. I personally do not believe these rumors.  Now there are now dozens of Paranormal shows on television making fantastic claims and yes, some are hacks, but the burning question everyone wants to know is, Is it real?  The paranormal is shrouded in mystery and the Astrology detective in me had to investigate this and possibly debunk some rumors using this ancient science.

Also, I thought it would be fun to cast Zak Bagans horoscope. This Celebrity Horoscope will show astrological indicators to validate Zak’s ability to communicate with spirits. I cannot find Zak Bagan’s time of birth, so I have resurrected his chart. If anyone has Zak’s time of birth, email me please. Astrology doesn’t lie, it reveals all. The horoscope chart will show the truth.

Update, recently someone suggested alternate ascendant signs for Zak Bagans, commenting they did not think he could be an Aquarius Ascendant. Since then I have been in contact with someone who was on the Ghost Adventures show. With the information they provided as well as further research I state again, I believe Zak’s Ascendant is Aquarius as per his sometimes clinical approach, especially sending in Aaron or poor Billy Tolly into a really creepy place so matter of fact.

Furthermore I see him being Pisces intercepted because of his emotional outbursts, spontaneous girlie screams and how emotionally he is effected by his profession. In 2017 Zak announced he was taking a break from ghost hunting for a while. That did not last long.


Zak Bagans Birth Chart, Zak Bagans Horoscope

Zak Bagans Birth Chart Horoscope. What makes Zak Bagans see Ghosts?

​​​​​Zak Bagans Birth Chart Horoscope. What makes Zak Bagans see ghosts? This is a synopsis of a Natal Chart Horoscope or Birth Reading that I have focused mainly on indications of psychic abilities and encounters with the paranormal.

Here is how I interpret Zak Bagans horoscope. First thing I noticed about Zak’s Bagans chart is his Aries Sun, he is large and in charge. The Sun is conjunct Venus which tells me he is very sweet, affectionate, caring and loves small animals. (I think larger animals sort of freak him out). This aspect of the Sun and Venus also makes him extremely charming. The Moon, Uranus and Neptune are at the top of his chart. When planets are at the top of the Horoscope wheel or close to the Midheaven, it’s can be a strong indication of the person’s location, career and status in life. The sign of the Midheaven and ruling planet says a lot about a person.

The Moon represents our emotions, feelings, sensitivity and our emotional reactions. The Moon is closely linked to our dreams, unconscious and the past. The Moon is our lunar soul or spirit. Neptune represent spirits, ghosts, phantasms and apparitions.

Pluto represents death and is in the 8th House of the dead. This indicates an unusual man with a powerful magnetic presence. He wields considerable influence over others through the force of a intentions and desires.

Zak Bagans Aries Sun is in the aggressive, headstrong, go-getter sign of Aries which gives him a fiery edge. This also makes him a little bit of a daredevil and accident prone. His Sun is also within a 1 degree conjunction with Venus which makes him extremely popular, charming and good-looking. They are placed in the second house of money which is also excellent for earnings.

Aquarius Rising/Ascendant on the 1st house cusp

​People see Zak Bagans as rebellious, original, spontaneous and a very unusual man. Sometimes odd in dress and manner, he is active, energetic and free. Aquarius rising indicates an unusual childhood and being different from other people.

Moon in Scorpio

​The Moon in Scorpio radiates an aura of mystery, power and has deep lasting emotions. Zak Bagans can be direct, jealous and possessive. Though his image is that of a strong man, he is very sensitive and can react in anger and aggressiveness. The Moon in Scorpio is intense and is often a placement of people with intuition.

Moon in the 8th house

​He is very intuitive and is prone to having experience’s with in the psychic realm. He has a strong attraction to the mysterious, occult sciences and the macabre. He is capable of acute intuitions, revealing premonitions and psychic dreams.

This placement also indicates a major transformation or lifestyle change at some point in his life. Very likely this will involve a woman, as women will act as catalysts for major changes in your life. Interesting to note that Zak Bagans first paranormal experience was a spirit of a woman that had committed suicide in the building across from his apartment in Trenton, Michigan, USA back in 2003. He had been a disbeliever of the paranormal up to that point, but he was repeatedly woken by the sound of a woman’s voice calling his name at 3 AM. This experience as well as another upsetting event, forever changed his life and send him on a new direction. He has a strong desire to unravel the mysteries of life and to dabble in various metaphysical pursuits.

​Jupiter in Gemini in the 4th house

This position indicates weak lungs or lung problems. Zak Bagans has stated a few time that he suffers from asthma. Zak sometimes wears a mask at the lock down or investigation. There is also a strong possibility of a beautiful home or large home especially later in life. The possibility of having twins, two homes and or two of everything is strong.

Pluto in the 8th house

A long life is indicated with this placement. There will be many intense situations and changes in his life. Studies of life and death will accumulate many hours of investigation to those subjects, so much so his interest goes beyond curiosity.

Uranus in Scorpio

Zak Bagans has powerful intuition especially in the fields of medicine and metaphysics.

Uranus in the 9th house

This position indicates travel a lot throughout life, visiting exotic and strange places very far from your native land. Well, that sums up Zak Bagans life with the Ghost Adventure show pretty well. Sudden awakenings come to you through visions and your intuition is prophetic, especially with respect to the big picture. Long-distance journeys will bring some highly unusual experiences, expect the unexpected.

Neptune in Sagittarius in the 10th house

Unusual career and may become famous.

Scorpio Midheaven

Zak Bagans destiny will lead him to travel abroad and to connect to foreign places and people.

Sun trine Neptune

His intuition is emotional in nature and he will experience paranormal or supernatural events at various life stages. Attention to your dreams as they can attain Psychic insights that can be pertinent to walking life scenarios.

Here is also a little glimpse of Zak Bagans past Life Karma report I think is most intriguing. In one of Zak Bagans past lives, he developed an acute psychic sensitivity, a sort of psychic x-ray vision. This enabled him to read the hidden agendas and the unspoken often unconscious messages that other people put out. His ability to see into another’s motives and unexpressed feelings may make some people uncomfortable around him. It is as if they sense that he knows more about them than they know themselves, especially about those aspects of themselves they would rather not face or have another person see.

 In the past his penetrating insight into human nature, capacity to deeply know a person intensely made him stand out in the crowd. Zak Bagans intuition to the dark or hidden undercurrents in a person or situation may have gained him the reputation of being a witch.

There are other indicators in his chart such as aspects to Chiron and the aspect angle known as a kite.

Zak Bagans and I have very similar birth charts showing psychic and paranormal abilities. Zak Bagans Chiron is conjunction Mercury, my own Chiron aspect is trine Neptune. I personally have many astrological indicators and similarities to Zak’s chart. We both have Neptune sextile Pluto and Saturn trine Neptune. It would be extremely interesting for me to talk with him someday about the afterlife.

 We also share a common bond, we both have had (profound encounters with the spirits from an abandoned mine from the 1800’s). I would love to compare notes with this interesting man. So now after analyzing his chart, we can clearly see and further prove the validity of Zak Bagans ghost hunting abilities with Astrology, because as I said, astrology reveals all. He is the real deal.

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