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Purchase an Astrology Reading 2017 🔮 Online Readings, Astrology Readings, Astrology Reading 2017, Astrology Email Reading, Email Readings, Best Career, Compatibility. Purchase an Astrology Reading below.

To Purchase an Astrology Reading, I will need your Full Name, Date of Birth with the month written in full like this: March 26, 1985, the  City and Country of your Birth  and your Time of Birth  if you know it. Please include AM or PM. 

If you don't know your Time of Birth, that's OK, you can still purchase an Astrology Reading. If you can pass on any clues you may have such as a family member like your mother told you that you were born in the morning, afternoon, evening or the middle of the night that would be great. However if you don’t know, don’t guess.

Birth times can usually be found on a Birth Certificate which can be obtained from the City Archives or Hospital you were born. If you are ordering a Compatibility Reading I require 2 people's Birth data. 

​To Purchase an Astrology Reading

1 Fill out the Form below and Submit. 

2 Pay with a Credit Card. Scroll down to Follow the Link below to Set up PayPal easily. 

Fill out the form below if you are purchasing a Birth Reading, Future Forecast, Love Reading, Career Reading, Relocation Reading, Auspicious Date or a Custom Reading.

(If you are Purchasing a Compatibility Reading đź’– follow the link instead.)

Purchase a Compatibility Reading


Please write the full name of the month eg: July 1, 1987
Time of Birth including AM or PM. If you don't know, please do not guess, write you don't know.


2 Pay securely with a Credit Card. Scroll down to Follow the Link below to Set up PayPal easily. 

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