predictions, psychic predictions 2017-2018, Predictions, World Predictions, Predictions 2017-2018, Accurate Predictions, Accurate Psychic Predictions

Predictions, World Predictions, Psychic Predictions 2017-2018

Predictions, World Predictions, Predictions 2017-2018, Accurate Predictions, Accurate Psychic Predictions 2017, Global Predictions, World Predictions, Celebrity Predictions, Psychic Predictions, True Predictions, Sports Predictions, Baseball, Football and Hockey. Accurate Predictions I made from 2014-2017 that came true. Canada, USA, Europe, Asia, North Korea, World Leaders, Celebrities ans the Royal Family. 🔮

Psychic Predictions by Lisa Paron. Canadian Psychic. Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Serving clients in #canada #unitedstates #unitedkingdom #europe #australia #china #russia and sending a big hello to my celebrity clients in #losangeles #newyorkcity #boston #vancouver #toronto and #london

I predicted terrorist activity which occurred in Edmonton, Canada on the 1st. On October 2, 2017, a prediction I had made that came true gave me a shiver up my spine when I saw it had happened on the news. Scroll down to see the prediction I made that gave me chills.

Predictions, World Predictions, Predictions 2017-2018, Accurate Predictions, Accurate Psychic Predictions

In January 2017, I accurately predicted Kate Middleton to become pregnant with a third child. I have made many accurate predictions since I started to post them publicly on the internet in 2014. I accurately predicted Emma Stone to win Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards, Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Actor and Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister of Canada.

I accurately predicted the winner of The Stanley Cup twice, The World Series as well as the birth and gender of Kate Middleton’s two children. I even predicted the little Princess would be named Diana. Accurate world predictions on a global scale that gave advanced warning of numerous explosions, wild extreme weather and terrorist activities around the world.

My predictions can be seen with the dates they were originally posted on my social media profiles like my Blog, YouTube channel, Google +, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, The Mind Body Network and The Crystal Inner Circle.

Psychic Predictions 2017-2018, Clairvoyant, Predictions, World Predictions, Predictions 2017-2018, Accurate Predictions, Accurate Psychic Predictions

Predictions for 2018


Legalization of Marijuana

There will be delays, new tougher restrictions or last minute surprise changes before Canada legalizes marijuana on July 1, 2018. Legalization of recreational Marijuana or Cannabis will likely to be delayed to a later time.

There will also be critical/negative discussions about it involving large groups of people or the media. It is possible the debate will turn nasty, angry or violent. Expect the unexpected and be on the lookout for protests or even a riot?

Royal Predictions, Royal Family Predictions 2018

Kate Middleton will give birth to a boy and possibly have Charles as part of the babies name.

Prince Harry and Megan Markle may not actually get married after all. Sorry to say, they are not compatible. If they do wed in May 2018, it is possible Megan will become pregnant within a years time of the wedding. They may separate or part ways within 5 years time.


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Global Predictions, Accurate Predictions, Predictions 2017

I have made many accurate global and world predictions that have come true since 2014. Check out my accurate psychic predictions that have come true in 2017.

October 2017

October 1, 2017

World Prediction. Globally with the combination of wonky energies from Jupiter, Uranus, Lilith and Chiron adds up to a powerful mixture of planetary influence. 🛑This opens a window of higher potential for protests, violent standoffs, riots, conflict, explosions, internet hacks and terrorist activity. Watch in the world news for stories also about severe weather, electrical storms, tornadoes, electrical outages, severe winds and hurricanes. You may notice more stories in the news than usual about things that fly through the air, air travel, planes or missiles as well as space travel related stories. Air travel may be delayed on a large scale from a computer malfunction or glitch. This energy will be in effect for several days before and after October 1.

Global and World predictions that have come true in October 2017.

October 1, 2017 to present day.

United States Fly Bombers Over Korea in Show of Force

USA Flies Bombers 

Secrets Revealed, Powerful Men Fall From Grace

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein had been Paying off Accusers for almost 30 Years

From Hollywood Hero to Zero in 4 Days

USA Of all the predictions I have ever made, This one gave me Chills.
Worst Mass Shootings in U.S. History in Las Vegas


Monarch Airlines Stranded Thousands of Passengers

Edmonton Terrorist Attack

United Kingdom
Thousands Protest in Ireland

Hundreds Injured in Spain Police Violence

Tens of Thousands Protest in Hong Kong

News About Things That Fly or Air Related Injury

More Taxes for Bombardier

Bombardier vs USA

Marilyn Manson injured by Falling Prop

Plane Engine Explodes

More Protests

Protests Canada

President Trump Becomes More Unpopular with American’s

Saturday Night Live-Jay Z on Donald Trump Puerto Rico

September 2017

UFO sightings are heightened during the Moon in Aquarius the first week of September


Mysterious blue and green lights seen flashing in the sky as Mexico earthquake hits send UFO hunters into a frenzy


Fire Ball

Confusion and chaos in the media, so don't be surprised if there's a lot of crazy stories on the news a few days before and after this event of the Sun opposition Neptune.

Canadian Man’s Photo Used For Fake News

People in general will have increased physical energy, courage and will have a very strong sense of adventure at this time. This is when people do during or unusual acts. These are the courageous acts that you shake your head at when you're watching the video of someone walking from one building to another on a tight rope for instance. This makes people do exciting or crazy things just on a dare.

Surfer Dies Riding Hurricane Irma

Professional surfer Zander Venezia, 16, dies trying to ride huge Hurricane Irma wave in Barbados

NFL Player Protests 

NASCAR Owners Side with Trump


Lunar Eclipse. Around this time we may hear news about or involving protests, uprisings, humanitarian groups, the LGBT community, new technology, scientific achievement or space discovery. There is also likely going to be a surge in powerful or intense weather globally with shakeups, tornadoes, hurricanes and electricity related storms.




Phoenix Protests


August 23 Female Protesters Bullied and Threatened on Social Media

Solar Eclipse

The mega energy between the Solar Eclipse and Regulus can sometimes be too much and leaders or kings may experience a loss of power.

Well those planets activating Mars especially the Moon which is people’s emotions could make the days surrounding the eclipse quite emotional and upsetting for some people.

Mars represents men, aggressiveness, anger, police, military personnel, armies and acts of war. Mars is being super charged by the Sun, the Moon, the North Node and the fixed star Regulus.

Due to the aspects I believe the countries of the United States, United Kingdom and North Korea will be featured in the news around this time.

I see it being a possibility that the crown is passed to another in the royal family of England or news of it soon to be is announced. There also may be a naughty secret revealed about a member of the royal family, VIP or celebrity with a regal quality.

Solar Eclipse effects can be felt months prior to and up to a year or more following this event.

One person whose horoscope is really closely activated with the Great American Eclipse is American President Donald Trump. It is difficult to be exact though when his time of birth is in question, so let’s assume his birth time is correct.

I chose him as an example because number 1 he is a very well-known American and his planets are being activated smack dab, right on the nose by this eclipse.

The group of planets I mentioned earlier grouped with the eclipse are directly touching Mr. Trumps 12th House/1st House Ascendant and his personal Mars too. This means that around this time he will be attracting an even higher level of negative publicity that I believe will be of an international scale and he himself could be very, very aggressive or combative, even more so than usual.

This is a red flag that Donald is going to attract a lot of aggressive energy around him and he should be very careful not to venture in dangerous locations or put himself in harm’s way. There could be hidden enemies revealing themselves at this time and he should take care around fire and weapons, particularly guns.

The eclipses activate Donald Trump's 12th house of secrets, behind the scenes matters and hidden enemies as well as his 1st house Ascendant. It also falls right between his natal Mars and asteroid Regulus within a 1 degree orb. This summer may be very tense for Mr. Trump, The eclipse highlighting his Mars can indicate anger issues, shows of aggression and strength or wanting to go to battle.

The earlier eclipse in August also was in opposition to Mr. Trump's Part of Fortune which is a karmic tie with one's destiny as well. I believe he may have to take a stand or with North Korea as they will likely be demonstrating a strong military presence at or around this time.

North Korea

Jets drop Bombs

Charlottesville Reaction

It is interesting to note that the path of this eclipse follows almost exactly as it did in 1865 when the eclipse divided the USA in half. I believe it is very possible the people of the United States could again be very divided on a situation. Watch in the news of demonstrations, protests, anger, shows of force, riots and or violence.

Expect an increase in severe weather throughout the month of August especially around the two eclipses. There's a strong possibility of more water related weather incidences in particular and water related events or tragedies.

Expect to hear on the news around this time of secrets revealed, hackers, world leaders changing or having a fall from grace as well as the passing of a world leader, famous celebrity or someone of royalty.

In a way the US is even more divided after severe weather and hurricane damage the end of August and beginning of September. As well, many island nations of the Caribbean suffered with great loss from Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Harvey 

Hurricane Irma Florida

Hurricane Irma Caribbean 

Prince Phillip Retires

Prince Phillip

UNITED KINGDOM – Prince Philip retires

Prince Phillip Final Engagement

Prince Philip’s last solo public engagement – when is the Royal Marines parade and what happens after he retires?

Jerry Lewis

Passing of the King of Comedy

Severe Weather

Texas Floods

Terrorist Attacks



Middle East


July 16-25th

On a global scale due to the extreme nature of this weekend's planetary whether there's a window of opportunity that may bring the following into the news. 

You may hear about extreme weather, fire, violence or explosions as well as another possible cyber-attack, terrorist attack or act of extreme aggression.

Mars and Pluto are at odds once again like they were a couple of days ago. 😕This could stimulate aggression 😡or delays to situations around you. Mars in Cancer ♋️ is also wonky with Neptune in Pisces ♓️ that could have a negative watery effect in your life. This water energy will be in effect for several days and could manifest in upsetting emotions bringing tears or over reactions.

There's also a possibility there will be too much water or liquids such as a flood or water related incident. If you have sketchy pipes for your 💧water in your house they may finally give up the ghost around this time. Watching the news for water related severe weather, spills, floods or disasters on open water such as the ocean or sea.









There will be delays for travel and there could be water problems or a flood of liquids.

Record Rainfall


Heavy Rains

February 2017

Emma Stone to win Best Actress at the 89th Academy Awards.

Best Actress

January 2017

Watch for world news at or around this time of severe weather, including lightning, earthquakes and volcanoes.

Massive Storm Knocks out Power

3rd Week of January

Mars makes a challenging angle with Jupiter in Libra and squares Saturn in Sagittarius. There will be an extremely challenging window of opportunity for severe conflict. On a global scale watch for world news of riots, violence and conflict.

This unfortunately could be another time period marked by severe weather, war zones or terrorism. I also believe there will be unrest, anger and violence in the United States surrounding the inauguration of President elect Trump. Mr. Trump's natal Pluto is under a bombardment of nasty aspects at the moment as well as he has Mars and Uranus surrounding his 8th house in his birth chart.

Kate Middleton aka The Duchess of Cambridge will become pregnant with a third child sometime in 2017.

Baby number 3 for Kate Middleton



Donald Trump displaying aggressive traits around the 3 Eclipse's on August 16th 2016 when he suggested a sinister act from the NRA.


Around September 1st, Donald Trump acting in an unusual manner or out of his normal character.

Surprise: Donald Trump Flying to Mexico to Meet with President TODAY. What Could Go Wrong?

He will be displaying anger on or around the September 16th Lunar Eclipse.

Presidential Race

Presidential Debate

Donald Trump’s inauguration could start a new wave of outbursts, friction, anger, protests and division in the United States.

Protests Los Angeles


As a result of Donald Trump being elected 45th President of the U.S.A., thousands of people protested across twenty five American cities.

There is a lot of negative astrological energy which points to an anger fueled inauguration day that will set the tone for the year as well as his entire term.

Pussy Power

There is the possibility that somehow he will not be inaugurated after all or controversy will surround his win as the celestial energy is quite unstable indeed.



This Energy will build and be activated by the upcoming Solar Eclipse later in August 2017 which happens to have its path clear across the middle of the United States dividing it into two sections. So please everyone take care.


The Pittsburgh Penguins to win the 2016 Stanley Cup.


Leonardo DiCaprio to win the Oscar for Best Actor at the Academy Awards.

Best Actor


Kate Middleton to have a girl and name her Diana.

Justin Trudeau to become Prime Minister of Canada

The Kansas City Royals to win the World Series 2015


Kate Middleton will give birth to a boy.

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