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Birth Readings 2017, In Depth Birth Reading

Birth Reading 2017, In Depth Birth Readings, Birth Reading Astrology, Email Birth Readings, Online Birth Readings, Birth Readings 2017, In Depth Astrology Reading. Birth Readings are aka Birth Chart Readings or Natal Chart Readings. Birth Readings are like a photo of the stars at the moment you were born. A Birth Reading is all about YOU and is an accurate method of character analysis using the stars and the ancient science of Astrology.

Birth Readings help you discover the planetary signs and placements in your personal Horoscope, how the planets interact with each other in your horoscope and what it all means for you. Birth Readings are your Star Chart, G.P.S. and road map for a much more successful life, revealing priceless information to help you reach your maximum potential.

During a Birth Reading I investigate your Birth Chart to reveal your personality traits, your unique talents, special gifts and your life's maximum potential. A Birth Reading with me is a deep psychological investigation of the true you based on my interpretation of your Birth Chart Horoscope. My clients tell me I have looked at their soul. Astrology Birth Readings unlock the secrets of the many layers of your inner psyche and was a method used by Carl Jung during psychoanalysis. 

Birth Readings for babies and children are an excellent source of information to help parents encourage children towards natural talents that will help shape their lives through interactions with others, emotional needs, learning curves and eventually college, university, career and life partners. You can save your child's Birth Report to give to them when they are old enough to appreciate it.

In Depth Birth Readings are also a wonderful guide for people curious or confused about being an Indigo, possessing psychic abilities, spiritual matters, or even their sexuality. Priceless information for a lifetime.

​Discover how other people really see you, take advantage of your talents and face challenges in your life head on with confidence and ease. Understand repetitive patterns and reboot your life.

Understand the PAST, be aware of the PRESENT and see a clear path to a better FUTURE. Astrology is a complicated, scientific process of divination with many contributing factors. I like to go over an Astrology Reading a few times before I make my final analysis and final predictions.

During my readings, I use a combination of Astrology, Tarot, Numerology and my Psychic intuition to enrich and enhance each reading for the client and offer a Premium service. Western Astrology Horoscope, Asteroids, Sabian symbols, The Part of Fortune as well as Ancient and Modern Astrology techniques are used during my interpretation and will provide you with priceless information to help improve your life.

Offering you the best guidance and a Premium service, I am kind, compassionate, honest and very, very thorough. Let me be your light and show you the way.

Email Birth Reading includes: a personally written detailed interpretation from me and a copy of your Birth chart. Delivered online to your email in a few days. Birth Reading $82


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Your Birth Chart Horoscope (wheel) can also be used to make predictions about your future in other Readings. Birth Readings are not to be confused with a Future Forecast, which is predictions about your future based on the planetary movement in the sky, eclipses, solar return and progressed planets for 1 year and is a popular reading to consider as well as a Birth Reading.


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