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I am a Psychic, Sensitive Medium, Astrologer, Tarot Card Reader, Published Writer for Dell Horoscope Magazine and an International Radio Show guest from the Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada area. I have practiced many methods of divination since I was a small child and I am also a Sensitive with a deep connection to the paranormal. 

My Psychic abilities include Mediumship, prophecy, clairvoyance and clairaudience. This means I see and hear psychic impressions about people, pets and animals. I call these special gifts my little voice. I also have a strong spiritual connection with people who have crossed over which began when I started to see energy fields, orbs and spirits as a child.

I am Certified and have completed many advanced courses on Ancient and Modern Astrology, Tarot Card Reading, Psychic Development, Connecting with Spirits, Angels and Medium-ship.

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Global and World Predictions 2017, Predictions That Came TRUE!

I have made many accurate global and world predictions that have come true since 2014. Check out my accurate psychic predictions that have come true in October 2017.

October 1, 2017

World Prediction. Globally with the combination of wonky energies from Jupiter, Uranus, Lilith and Chiron adds up to a powerful mixture of planetary influence. 🛑This opens a window of higher potential for protests, violent standoffs, riots, conflict, explosions, internet hacks and terrorist activity. Watch in the world news for stories also about severe weather, electrical storms, tornadoes, electrical outages, severe winds and hurricanes.

You may notice more stories in the news than usual about things that fly through the air, air travel, planes or missiles as well as space travel related stories. Air travel may be delayed on a large scale from a computer malfunction or glitch. This energy will be in effect for several days before and after October 1.

Global and World predictions that have come true in October 2017.

October 1, 2017 to present day.


See the  Prediction  that Gave Me Chills.

Edmonton Terrorist Attack

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In Depth Readings, Online Readings 2018

In Depth Readings, Online Readings 2018, In Depth Psychic Astrology Readings are delivered as Online Readings to your Email. In Depth Readings are detailed, fast and can change your life. An In-Depth Astrology Reading with me can help you make the most of opportunities you may not be aware of and provide you advice you need for the most chance of success.

Ask me anything about love, career, something specific or about your future. I can help you through difficulties, answer your questions, tell you your best dates for a successful outcome and so much more priceless information to help you get an edge ahead through life.

Sometimes you don’t always have someone to talk to about your troubles and that can be stressful. I am here so you never have to face a distressing situation alone ever again. You don’t have to be anxious and worried, feel lost or lose sleep over your situation when I am here to guide you.

My reading style is very thorough, straight forward yet gentle and compassionate. If you want the truth, I am your Astrologer. The stars speak to me. In your darkest days, let me be your light. Online Readings to your email in a few days.

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