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Johnny Depp Birth Chart Horoscope

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Johnny Depp is an American actor, producer, musician and international super star of over 80 film credits. He has been nominated for an Academy Award 3 times and won a Golden Globe Award as well as a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actor. He is a man of a thousand faces with many delightful roles such as the cheeky Jack Sparrow of the Disney franchise Pirates of the Caribbean. He also plays a mean villain in the very dark Libertine and the macabre Sweeney Todd.

Johnny Depp Birth Chart, Johnny Depp Horoscope


Johnny Depp Birth Chart

June 9, 1963 in Owensboro, Kentucky, USA

​Johnny Depp has a loaded 2nd house of material wealth and a lovely aspect involving his 2nd house of money, 6th house of work and 10th house of career for starters. The highest planets in the chart will tell of a person’s most strong vocational influence in life. Mercury is highest, which indicates communications will be prominent, this is excellent for actors, writers and singers. Having Mercury placed here also indicates an art for mimicry and the individual can learn new languages with ease. This is followed by Jupiter-(wealth & abundance) and Venus-(beauty & wealth). Wealth and fame in life are determined by examining a combination of Natal planet positions, progressions and transits to them. I hope you enjoy this brief synopsis.

Sun in Gemini

Johnny Depp was born under the sign of Gemini and his ruling planet is mercury the planet of communication. He likes to speak, to communicate, to meet different people, to travel and to be in motion. The Gemini Sun is very curious and their mind always requests more information. Their jovial and youthful attitude will allow them to meet others very easily. In addition there great capacity to adapt allows them to shape themselves to any type of change. Mentally they are very sharp and come up with a  unusual solutions to problems. Sun in Gemini likes their freedom and become bored with people easily. They are versatile, changeable, verbal, affectionate and restless.

Leo Ascendant Rising 1st house cusp

People see him as a strong, decisive and proud man. Johnny Depp feels very secure and becomes the center of attention any place he goes. Johnny Depp expresses himself dramatically and with some exaggeration, though he always will show a great sense of humor and enthusiasm. Johnny was a born showman. He is artistic, creative and has had many romantic conquests. Johnny Depp is pleasant, happy and spontaneous, which allows him to communicate and socialize easily. Even though this is true, he is selective and gives himself totally to only a few people. He has the authority and the capacity to lead others.

Moon in Capricorn

Johnny Depp's Moon in Capricorn makes him ambitious, realistic, materialistic, thrifty and self-serving. He is not very expressive with his emotions even if they are intense or deep. Part of him is insecure and he feels that if he opens himself too much he will become vulnerable. The image Johnny presents can be unemotional or distant. He sometimes experiences deep loneliness that he tries to fill with activity.

Moon trine Pluto

The Moon trine Pluto represents a powerful person with leadership skills, they are intense, quick to get to the point and enjoy a challenge. They understand what motivates other people. He is able to achieve.

Moon sextile Neptune

The Moon sextile Neptune is very spiritual and makes Johnny Depp romantic and nostalgic. This aspect also indicates sensitivity. He may have the opportunity to use his sensitivity in the fields of arts or spirituality.

Sun conjunction Venus

Sun conjunction Venus is a good-looking individual, oh who am I kidding, they are the hottest looking people who are also affectionate, gentle and love luxury. This aspect favors a social person who has musical and artistic talents.

Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus indicates Johnny Depp is practical and thinks before he speaks. Mercury represents communication and speech, while Taurus rules the throat. Not only can Johnny sing, he has a wide repertoire of accents.

Mercury in the 10th house

When Mercury is located in the 10th house, there is an emphasis on communication; speech will be a big part of your life and social status. Also emphasis will be on public life; this is an intelligent individual who could very likely have success in the field of literature or publishing.

Venus in Taurus

This person is capable of deep emotions; they are practical, conservative and stable. They have artistic interests, and are ever conscious of their possessions. They make a good host or hostesses and are prone to self-indulgence.

Venus in the 10th house

This placement of Venus in the 10th House of career indicates one who is popular, successful and rises in station and status in life. They enjoy the arts and often benefit from their superiors. This person is diplomatic but also very ambitious. This is an excellent placement for money.

Venus conjunction Mercury

This combination indicates a person that is exceptionally charming in speech and manner. These people are artistic and have wonderful self-expression. They have an appreciation of the arts and loves pleasure. This combination in Taurus which rules the throat in the 10th house indicates one who is excellent at mimicry, accents and singing. This placement indicates a strong possibility of wealth through the voice.

Mars in the 1st house

Johnny Depp is positive, secure and very active. He possesses much physical strength and a great dynamic energy that makes it possible for him to do many things.  Thanks to his great enthusiasm he tends to dominate a situation often becoming the leader of the group. He is very practical, and possesses the courage to confront new enterprises. Often he will be the first to accomplish some task.

Negatively, he is extremely restless and impulsive which can make him get bored quickly. This great energy can be channeled very well through the practice of a sport or other physical activity that requires the use of his muscles. He enjoys competition and challenges. He feels attracted to risky situations that make him prone to falls, bruises and burns. He is a born to be a leader.

Mars in Virgo

He can be unemotional, scientific and very logical. He loves work and shows great enthusiasm when he feels he is collaborating on a great cause. Johnny's analytical mind can make him critical and a perfectionist. He wants everything to be done well and as perfectly as possible.

Mars conjunction Uranus

This aspect gives great courage, they are not afraid to take chances. The individual is very energetic, high strung and needs to be free. They have unusual working methods. This aspect is attracted to danger. Individuals can be nervous, stubborn and irritable. He acts according to his own rules and will rarely obey orders that people try to impose on him. He has great dynamic energy that makes him likely to take up physical tasks, explorations, mechanics or sports, but he must learn to be cautious. Mars conjunction Uranus indicates a higher than average likelihood of sudden injuries. He is not afraid of anything and that could expose him to dangers or accidents. Johnny Depp is fearless.

Mars conjunction Pluto

Johnny can be highly emotional and must learn to control his desires. He is a hard worker with the great ability to regenerate your energies and a special strength for prolonged efforts. He can be somewhat obsessive with his goals and it is very hard to change his ideas. Mars conjunction Pluto has tremendous energy, a strong will and can have a volcanic like temper.

Neptune in Scorpio

Johnny Depp has an interest in the Occult sciences, the mysteries of life and the investigation of these phenomena. This position can also indicate a great imagination and psychic sensitivity. Johnny has a preference for mystery or horror movies and that theme invokes deep and complex emotions inside them.

He is magnetic, emotional and has a great regenerative capacity. He comes across as someone who is free, deep and full of expression. He tends to hide his emotions because they will be very intense and complex. This also includes their sexual life which could be full of fantasy. It is probable that he will experience a few romantic deceptions because of not being totally realistic.

Aquarius on the 7th house cusp

This person will usually marry young and the decision will be made in a quick and surprising manner. Johnny is attracted to unusual women. He will choose a wife who is out of the ordinary, intelligent, vivacious, curious and very talkative. She will have a great creative capacity that will allow her to excel above all others. His marriage will not be traditional, classic or routine and to achieve more happiness it is necessary that he stays flexible and open to change. It is possible that he will have several marriages throughout his life and that some of them will be very special and unusual.

Saturn in the 7th house

It is probable that the fruition of his marriage is delayed and that at moments he feels frustrated. The star generates difficulties and discouragement's which could lead him to believe that the right woman does not exist. Consequently he experiences times of solitude or superficial relationships.​

Jupiter trine Ascendant

This aspect gives extra luck in life. This is the position of a positive person. Other people are attracted to his enthusiastic personality and outlook on life.

Uranus trine Midheaven

Johnny Depp is not one to be held back by tradition, so he'll choose a career which is out of the ordinary. Science, engineering, electronics, aviation, computers and other technical fields are some of the possibilities. He relates well to others but likes to be free to use and enjoy life at his own pace. He is constantly in pursuit of the new and different. Professional success and even fame through unique contributions are very possible.

Success comes suddenly. He often finds his own company more exciting than the company of others. It will be interesting to see what this complex and talented man will do next.

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