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Justin Trudeau Birth Chart Horoscope

Justin Trudeau Birth Chart, Justin Trudeau Horoscope. Justin Trudeau is the Prime Minister of Canada, the leader of the Liberal party of Canada and the son of former Canadian Prime minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau. Justin Trudeau was born on December 25, 1971 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

I thought it would be fun to demonstrate how astrology can indicate events. I have looked at the major candidates charts for tonight's election as well as upcoming Astrology aspects for the next year. When I compared them, Justin Trudeau's chart stood out as much more favorable to win as the other two candidates Stephen Harper and Tom Mulcair. The stars were really shining on Justin.

This horoscope transit chart shows how favorable Transits can be beneficial for real success. Justin Trudeau was practically born to lead. With his natal Sun in Capricorn, ascendant in Virgo and mid heaven in Taurus, people see Justin as a reliable person, a mentally alert problem solver and someone who is grounded. He has a beautiful Air trine with powerful Pluto in Libra, his North Node (a karmic link to one's destiny also known as the Dragons head) and the planet of past life karma Saturn high up on his natal chart. Saturn is the planet that represents longevity.

Another interesting detail about Justin's chart is that he has fixed star Regulus conjunct his ascendant. Regulus in relation to Astrology is the closest star to the ecliptic and represents royalty and leaders. Regulus is also the archangel Raphael. In the night sky, Regulus is the brightest star in the constellation Leo and is Leo's heart. As I said, Justin Trudeau was born to be a leader.​​​​

Justin Trudeau Birth Chart, Justin Trudeau Horoscope

Justin Trudeau Birth Chart and the Election

Justin Trudeau Birth Chart and the Election. As I accurately predicted, Justin Trudeau was elected Prime Minister of Canada in 2015The stars were shining on Justin Trudeau's chart for the federal election here in Canada in 2015. The transiting Moon was conjunct Justin's natal Sun, trine his ascendant and trine Regulus. Transit Saturn was trine his True node as well as Mercury trine the North node.

But one of the biggest indicators that Justin would win the election was transiting Pluto who has been in the news so much in 2015. In astrology, Pluto represents power and was making several very favorable angles to Justin's natal planets. Transit Pluto was trine his ascendant and conjunct his natal Sun. This is a potent aspect that signifies great change and possible power, for one thing. Also the transiting North node was conjunct his natal Pluto which is another very favorable aspect highlighting one's destiny.

It is for those reasons I knew Justin Trudeau would be the next prime minister of Canada as well as some special ancient astrology techniques I will keep to myself. I also believe Justin will make a fine prime minister. He has a fiery Moon in Aries which gives him passion. Looking ahead for Justin, 2016 and 2017 will be memorable years as several eclipses touch his natal planets almost exactly. 

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