Houdini, Houdini Birth Horoscope

Houdini Birth Chart Horoscope

Houdini, Houdini Birth Chart, Houdini Horoscope. Harry Houdini was the greatest magician of all time. Harry Houdini was an entertainer extraordinaire, a master illusionist, magician, escape artist and self-promoter. Harry Houdini believed in the paranormal and supernatural. Houdini attempted to communicate with his recently departed mother and exposed a fake medium, during a séance, one of the first of many. This angered Houdini and put him on a quest to expose fake spiritualists. Houdini was also an aviator and wanted to be the first man to fly a plane in Australia.

Harry Houdini's death has always been shrouded in mystery. Since his passing people have tried to communicate with him through Séances on Halloween. He died in the arms of his wife "Bess", on October 31, 1926 1:26 PM in Detroit, Michigan, USA as a result of a punch to the stomach.  It was a stunt he was not prepared for. Harry Houdini Erik Weisz, was born on March 24, 1874 in Budapest, Hungary though he claimed to be born on April 6, 1874 in Appleton, Wisconsin, USA.

Houdini Birth Chart, Houdini Horoscope

Houdini Birth Chart

Houdini Birth Chart. When I look at Houdini's horoscope, I cannot help notice all the planets in the sign of Aries. He had the Sun, Venus and Neptune in spunky Aries, a true indication of someone who in many ways is fearless. This is the chart of a confidant, bold and courageous person who is also extremely ambitious too. Houdini had all those traits, we know that's true. This is perfect stunt man material as all this Mars energy makes the person fearless, sometimes feeling invincible. Houdini's Ascendant is another facet of his persona which made him an extremely unusual, inventive, individual. Aquarius is a fixed sign and does not like change, authority or being told what to do, ever.

Mercury in Pisces in the 12th House

This is a great position for someone in the entertainment industry, especially a magician. Very secretive, intuitive, spiritual and sensitive. They will probably have many psychic experiences throughout life and will also have some inspirational revelations. Mercury in Pisces must learn to trust their own intuition which is very strong. They feel very attracted to the occult sciences and will have much success in any area where they apply themselves. ​

Moon in 3rd House

Harry Houdini was a very imaginative and intuitive man. This aspect is excellent for writing, journalism or publicity. Houdini was a self-promoter extraordinaire. Some with this aspect become very famous. Other people see those born with Aries Rising Sign (1st house cusp) as dynamic, bold, strong and very active individuals. It does not matter what weaknesses your solar sign may indicate, this Ascendant fills a person with energy, security and also aggressiveness. They are not afraid of life and feel capable of confronting any adversity. They are initiative and will easily become a leader. Neptune represents mystery, illusion, intrigue, the film industry and actors.

Houdini, Chaplin

Neptune in 1st house

Those with Neptune in the 1st House are born with charm, mystery, magnetism and charisma. They are refined, likable and very imaginative. Their fantasy world is enormous. This placement indicates refined sensitivity that will allow them to perceive the internal motives of the people around them. Heightened ESP and intuition is notable and it is possible they have had paranormal experiences since childhood. During ones adult life, they will feel very attracted to mystical and metaphysical subjects.

People born with Neptune in the 1st will benefit to live near water, as it is your healing element. This to uplifting to one’s spirit. Inspiration and imagination characterize one's personality, they are natural born musicians, actors, and magicians. Well suited for all artistic manifestations.

Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces makes one mentally impressionable, highly responsive and imaginative. This indicates absorbing information like a sponge. These individuals may be creative, musical or artistic. Pisces is the sign of "no boundaries" and can be quite talkative.  They have a highly-developed natural intuition about people with this placement of Mercury and can often be quite psychic.

Mars Conjunction Neptune

Mars conjunct Neptune possesses much imagination and the emotional world is intense, requiring escape valves from the pressure. The spiritual world can also be very deep and their faith will be one of the biggest motivations.

Scorpio on 8th house cusp

Danger in life is related to violent or impulsive reactions. In first place, they are exposed to fights or arguments, and secondly, anxiety or worries make one prone to accidents, bruises or burns. Harry Houdini died shortly after a punch to the stomach he was not prepared for.

Date of death ​Oct 31, 1926 Detroit, Michigan, USA.

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