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Celebrities, Celebrity Astrology, Celebrity Horoscopes, Celebrity Predictions, Celebrity Birth Charts, Celebrity Astrology, Predictions, Famous People, Celebrity News, Gossip. Johnny Depp, Justin Trudeau, Kevin Durand, Zak Bagans and Houdini.

Check out my celebrity horoscopes for famous people around the world. Famous people in the news such as actors, world leaders and ghost hunters. Celebrity Astrology personality traits are in each profile as well as celebrity birthdays and birth charts. See Johnny Depp's Horoscope, Justin Trudeau, Kevin Durand, Zak Bagans or Houdini. 

Celebrity Birth Charts, Horoscopes of Celebrities and Famous People

Famous celebrities like Johnny Depp have astrological indicators of fame and fortune. You may want to compare some of these aspects with your own horoscope chart for fun. Justin Trudeau's chart was lit up by the stars during the evening he became the Prime Minister of Canada.

Canadian actor and star of The Strain Kevin Durand is going to have another busy year coming up! I hold a special connection to actor Kevin Durand as he is from my hometown of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Kevin's acting style has many facets including the villainous characters he has portrayed so deliciously in several of his films.

Kevin's acting prowess shows depth of character as well as realism similar to great classic actors of the silver screen such as Marlon Brando, Steve McQueen and Humphrey Bogart. All these actors have one thing in common, when you watch them on the screen you believe them. He has several placements in his chart similar to these legends. Aspiring actors may find his horoscope interesting as well.

What is up with Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures? See Zak's astrological indicators of paranormal experiences and find out if he really sees ghosts. Who was the real Harry Houdini? Click on the link of the celebrity you would like for these answers, celebrity gossip and prediction. 

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